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      Undergraduate programs

      Get set for success at a university with an amazing student experience, in a city where there's always something new to discover.

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      Graduate programs

      Work with leading researchers to transform your passion into expertise in one of over 160 degrees across 65 graduate programs.

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      Continuing Education

      Realize your passion for lifelong learning. Check out our 1,000+ courses taught by hundreds of instructors — all experts in their fields.

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      Power learning and research at a university as energetic and full of opportunity as the city in which it’s located.

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      Can asking questions change the world?

      Is everyone truly equal under the law? Can wastewater become drinking water? Is there a better way to detect cancer? Does social media make us less civil?

      Every day, our scholars tackle global challenges, make important discoveries and create new knowledge. It all starts with a big question — one that challenges status quo, defies conventional wisdom, confronts the obvious.

      Because without asking questions, we can’t move our world forward.

      UCalgary news

      Next chapter for MacKimmie as the block and link close permanently on Sept. 28

      Crews begin demolition with construction continuing until 2022...

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      Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business brings diverse perspectives to graduate business students

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      Science Takeover at Calgary Central Library invites Calgarians to be 'scientists for a day'

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      Citizen scientists with wearable tech needed for UCalgary project

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      Engage with us

      Active living programs, summer camps for kids, theatre performances, evening classes for adults, skating at the Olympic Oval, and so much more — our campus has something for everyone in the community.

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